Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009

Shopping outfit first post ^-^
First of all, I want to apologize about the bad quality. I had to do them by myself, and, as you can see, I'm not very good at it. Somehow it seems, that the camera doesn't like my head...but I promise they will keep getting better. Practise makes perfect ;)
I know the outfit is a bit plain, but that's just what I needed today.
Went shopping with my best friend. We had a lot of fun trying to find the perfect present for her boyfriend. Well, we did, after 5 or 6 hours. *yayyy* XD We were exhausted, but oh so happy and proud, of course. ;)
shirt: H&M
bodySuit: Vintage
leatherbelt: Vintage
jeans: Bershka
shoes: H&M
watch-necklace: World of Accessoires


  1. Thanks for your comments honey! the knot on the t-shirt looks super cute.
    xoxo. paula

  2. Thank you so very much :D