Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2009

Good Morning

Good Morning guys! I know, I know...I've been a bad, bad, bad blogger. University exams are tomorow. So work is killing me. XD
Anyway, I wanted to thank you all for your comments *yayyy* Made my day ;)
The collage was made during a 2 hours breaktfast *lol*
I love oversized sweaters. Here I would wear them with as a dress. They look so comfy. And so clean and chic.
The nude bandage dress, for underneath, is just great. Gives the whole thing something sexy.
So, that's a outfit I would wear today. :)
Hope you guys have a pleasant day :D


Source: Polyvore


  1. Lol...those cupcakes are making me hungry! I was kind of thinking whether I should buy that nude dress from topshop or not then I realize if you want to buy something from topshop, you gotta do it now or it's gone. So of course when I decide to get it, it was sold out! Best wishes on your exams! xxoxoxo

  2. :) I like the look of oversized shirts with fitted dresses/skirts - very chic! Good luck with exams!

  3. i love oversized sweaters too!