Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2009

It's all about tights

Why do we love Emauel Ungaro? Well, apart from the fact that the man's a genius, we love him because he brings us the colored tights back. While taking a look at the fashion shows of fall 2009 I first noticed colored tights at Anna Sui. So while scanning through the shows of my favorite designers I spotted those great tights in blue and pink; with or without dots. If one doesn't like colors too much, then I suggest to try those lovely looking black ones with dots. In my opinion they are all absolutely great. Makes a cold winter more bearable. :)
My favourite though is the first, she looks so warm and cozy. ;)



  1. The tights are good...I LOVE the dresses though! Wow. Totally inspirational.

  2. I love the second one, but all of them are supercute.
    xoxo. paula

  3. I love his collection too! The colored tights are adorable, especially the pink ones with blue shorts! xxoxoxo